Margin Trading

Our MT4 platform provides a secure and flexible way for you to explore and trade the widest range of market products possible. As well as MT4 which is one of the world’s most popular platforms we have new and innovative additions to the suite to help decide what to trade next.

  • Automatic funds borrowing
  • Borrowing funds is done automatically and simultaneously with position placement.
  • No extra accounts
  • There is no need to open any extra margin accounts to trade with leverage.
  • Several leverages available. Open position with 1:2 or 1:3 leverage, depending on the amount you want to take.
  • Guaranteed stop loss
  • The system reserves part of the order book for position to be closed at the price, not worse than stop loss.
  • Efficient rollover fee Rollover fee is charged only while position is opened and is not charged for the first 4 hours.


Buxcoin is the first crypto currency to be traded on physical as well as on MT4. Buxocin is paired with most popular cryptos and Fiat currecny and its live streaming prices are very competitive and received directly from our internal crypto exchange. With our constantly updating live rates, you can be assured that you will be able to trade quickly and effectively in the live markets.


The layout of the platform is designed to show you all your trade tickets, open positions and charts at a single glance; so you can tell how your trades are performing, keep an eye on the markets for more opportunities and open new positions all from one screen. The platform is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE to suit each trader’s individual preferences.


MT4 offers excellent technical analysis and charting tools combined with speedy one click execution and an ergonomic layout to help get you started. It is without a doubt the trading platform for all serious FX, Commodity, CFD and Spread Betting traders.


Reliability and performance are paramount when you are trading in a live market, therefore the downloadable nature of our platforms (as opposed to some web-based competitors) mean that regardless of the strength of your internet connection,your trading will go unimpeded because the platform is on your computer and NOT on the web, and thus not subject to connectivity issues.
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